Building the Group into a pharmaceutical, pesticide, and new material industry cluster, committed to becoming a science and technology innovation oriented intelligent manufacturing factory
Creating a beautiful and healthy new life through continuous

R&D Center

1. Fully responsible for the development of the group's technology research and development work.
2. Responsible for the demonstration and decision-making of research and development projects for headquarters and subsidiary companies.
3. Responsible for the preparation, implementation, and report writing of headquarters R&D experiments.
4. Responsible for the construction of scientific research bases and scientific research teams.
5. Responsible for introducing advanced technologies and products from home and abroad, and constantly innovating.
6. Responsible for technical exchanges and project cooperation with domestic and foreign scientific research institutions.


1. Guarantee product quality:
The primary purpose of quality inspection is to ensure that the quality of products or services meets established standards.
2. Improve user satisfaction:
High-quality products or services can enhance user experience and satisfaction.
3. Maintain the reputation of the enterprise:
Quality issues often have a serious impact on a company's reputation.
4. Promote the healthy development of the industry:
Quality inspection is crucial to the healthy development of the entire industry.Through a reasonable quality inspection system, the quality level of the entire industry can be improved, technological innovation and process improvement can be promoted, and the sustainable development of the industry can be promoted.

pilot plant

In order to better develop the company's new products, to solve the problems of unstable product quality, immature production process, low yield, high market return rate, or lack of effective process tooling resulting in low production efficiency, high manufacturing costs, and inability to commercialize in mass production, and to improve product quality and accelerate the commercialization process, a pilot production workshop is established.
The pilot workshop will carry out product improvement and research and development, validate and improve product design, improve product quality (quality issues include defects in product function, performance, appearance, etc. caused by design reasons, as well as poor manufacturability and unsatisfactory maintainability/serviceability due to design reasons), serve production and the market, and accelerate the process of commercializing research and development results.

Smart production line

The use of industrial Internet technology can realize real-time connection and data interaction between equipment, sensors, products, and personnel in the production process, thereby achieving the goal of comprehensive monitoring and optimization of the production process. It can assist managers to discover and solve problems in the production process in a timely manner, thereby improving the safety and reliability of production.
Create a lightweight smart factory management system.With the help of advanced technologies such as sensors, IoT, big data, and cloud computing, the data, information, status, and other real-time information of the factory distribution and various production processes are presented on a visualized large screen, enabling real-time monitoring and analysis of production data. This allows enterprise managers to have a better understanding of the production situation, thereby improving production efficiency and quality, reducing production costs and energy consumption, and promoting the sustainable development of enterprises.