Building the Group into a pharmaceutical, pesticide, and new material industry cluster, committed to becoming a science and technology innovation oriented intelligent manufacturing factory
Creating a beautiful and healthy new life through continuous

environmental protection

In recent years, the company has taken "technological innovation, green development, intelligent manufacturing, and management improvement" as the main theme of transformation and upgrading, adhering to the development direction of green, circular, and low-carbon economy, creating resource-saving enterprises, continuously improving the level of refined management, optimizing production processes, and improving energy efficiency.
The group's branches will deal with different aspects according to the actual situation, using spray washing + activated carbon adsorption + cryogenic treatment + RCO catalytic combustion + RTO combustion treatment process to achieve emission standards.Using electrochemical ammonia nitrogen digestion device + Fenton technology + multi-effect evaporation and other treatment processes, the emissions will be treated to meet the standards and discharged to the sewage treatment plant in the park.Most of the solid waste can be sold as by-products, and only a small amount of solid waste is regularly sent to the park's solid waste treatment plant for treatment.

Safe production

To achieve the best safety production, enterprises need to make the concept of "safety production, everyone's responsibility" deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and put safety responsibility into daily work, comprehensively improving the safety responsibility awareness of all employees.The occurrence of some liability accidents is often due to the problem of employee safety awareness. If employees do not have safety in mind and leaders do not grasp safety, this is the fundamental reason for safety liability accidents.Through publicity, discussion, lectures, film viewing and other forms, safety should be implemented in place, so that every employee can participate in the safety management of chemical enterprises, comprehensively mobilize the enthusiasm of employees, improve their responsibility awareness, effectively cut off the root cause of safety accidents. Only by improving the awareness of safety responsibility can we always pay attention to safety, avoid illegal behavior, improve the self-protection ability of employees, comprehensively form a joint force, and minimize production accidents.

Emergency response

The company established a leadership system with the chairman as the commander-in-chief, the general manager, two deputy general managers in charge of safety production and two deputy general managers in charge of the office. It also set up an emergency management department (ministry) responsible for daily emergency management work, including offices, finance departments, logistics departments and other institutions, as well as the establishment of a corresponding leadership system for emergency rescue personnel (including experts, engineers and front-line operators).The "three-fixed" plan was carried out for the emergency management department.It includes at least the formulation of emergency management plans, the formulation of relevant systems for all aspects of emergency work, the summary and preliminary research and judgment of early warning information, emergency drills, education and training of emergency personnel, and communication with relevant departments of local governments.The emergency management leadership system is an important part of the modernization of the company's governance system and governance capacity.The company has at least one centralized work meeting on emergency management every month, one emergency drill every year, and the emergency rescue team has at least one week of professional training for emergency rescue every year. Moreover, the funds needed for emergency response are included in the company's annual budget.