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Warm congratulations on the establishment of the Kangsheng Group Science and Technology Association!

Super administrator 1464 2023-10-25 16:06

In order to better unite and promote the growth and enhancement of scientific and technological talents, strengthen technological innovation capabilities, and advance the high-quality development of technology within the company, the Kangsheng Group Science and Technology Association held its inaugural conference and the first representative assembly on October 23rd. Yan Wei, the Administrative Director of Kangsheng Group, attended and presided over the meeting.

At the meeting, Yan Wei delivered the opening speech, extending best wishes to the enterprise's science association and the scientific and technological workers. He also read out the approval from the county science association regarding the establishment of the Kangsheng Rainbow Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Science and Technology Association. This marks the official establishment of the Kangsheng Group Science and Technology Association. The "Constitution of the Science and Technology Association of Kangsheng Rainbow Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Jining" was deliberated and approved, and the first committee of the Kangsheng Rainbow Science and Technology Association was elected, consisting of 4 members, including a chairman, vice chairman, and secretary-general.

In his speech as the inaugural chairman of the Group's Science and Technology Association, Yan Wei pointed out that the Group's Science and Technology Association is a mass organization of scientific and technological workers under the leadership of the Group's Party Committee. It serves as a bridge and link between the Group's Party Committee and scientific and technological workers, playing a crucial role in promoting the improvement of the Group's economic benefits and the development of scientific and technological endeavors.

The establishment of the Group's Science and Technology Association signifies a significant step for the company in the fields of scientific and technological innovation, the popularization of scientific knowledge, and the cultivation of scientific and technological talents. The Association will adhere to and implement the spirit of the 19th Party Congress, vigorously promote the spirit of scientists, strengthen ideological and political guidance, focus on strengthening institutional construction, emphasize technological innovation, and carry out science popularization education. It aims to contribute Kangsheng's wisdom and strength to better serve the economic and social development of Yutai County.

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