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The 23rd National Pesticide Symposium and the 2023 International Agricultural Chemical Products Exhi

Super administrator 1634 2023-10-31 17:49

From October 25th to October 27th, 2023, the three-day 23rd National Pesticide Symposium and the 2023 International Agricultural Chemical Products Exhibition (ACE) successfully concluded at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center!

This exhibition attracted visitors and participants from all over the country, including buyers and international traders. With years of experience in the agrochemical industry, Kangsheng Group has built a rich portfolio and enjoys a good reputation in the field. The company drew significant attention from both domestic and international visitors, and many expressed strong interest in potential collaborations.

During the exhibition, the sales team from the group delved into understanding customer needs, providing detailed explanations of products and technological advantages. They engaged in discussions with customers about market conditions, explored potential collaboration spaces, and worked towards mutual success. This proactive approach allows for a deeper understanding of client requirements and facilitates collaborative efforts for a win-win outcome.

The on-site exhibition and exchanges garnered high praise from participating customers, who expressed positive sentiments towards the group's commitment to sustainable development, exceptional product advantages, and influential brand presence. The live showcase and interactions effectively highlighted the group's strengths and left a favorable impression on the exhibiting clients.

For Kangsheng Group, this exhibition not only served as an opportunity to showcase innovation and achievements in sustainable development but also as a platform to engage with industry peers and discuss the future of the sector. In the face of rapid industry changes, Kangsheng Group remains committed to being driven by technological innovation. The group looks forward to future collaboration opportunities and aims to contribute even more to the green and high-quality development of the agricultural sector.

Warm congratulations on the establishment of the Kangsheng Group Science and Technology Association!
The CAC2024 exhibition concluded successfully.